One thing we can all agree on we certainly missed, is checking out our favourite concerts.

Probably the artists are missing hosting even more due to the lack of revenue and promotion that they've had planned for their tours this summer.

City view Drive-In is now going to be hosting a series of shows in a drive in environment.

The venue is set up to accommodate 200 cars for each concert set up in The Rebel Nightclub parking lot at Polson Pier.

Owner Charles has dumped over $200,000 into it. The makeshift concert area will also host drive- in theatre as well.

Here's the interesting thing: you can listen to long on an FM frequency from your car just like the old drive-ins.

Hamilton Rockers Monster Truck are to appear this evening to open up the venue .

This is going to take finding a designated driver to an entirely new level if you ask me LOL.


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